Monday, 29 June 2009


Pan-Pacific letch Leonard Lueras recently asked me to write the foreword for his coming book on Mertasari (the southern tip of Sanur before it turns into mangrove swamp).

I called the piece “A New Place for Old People.”

This morning I went to Mertasari Beach to photograph the Bali Trailblazer’s Mountain Bike Holiday Team for the coming Bali Triathlon (Four Seasons Jimbaran, 29 June 2009) and discovered a whole new scene down there by the temple and Lover’s Corner! (See photos).

* * *

Lovely English lass Claire Price has been training the team (see photos) for the relay event (there’s an Ozzie ring-in in the swimming section) and also five long-distance runners from Timor and Timor Leste (the Ethiopia of South-East Asia, runners-wise, it seems).