Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MAPANDES (3 Bali-ozzie brothers have teeth filed in Suwung Gede)

Twenty years ago my Balinese 'sister' Dayu Rai married a Dewa from Suwung. Dewa's. brother, Dewa Budi, based in Melbourne, had a charming, dinky-die ozzie wife Philippa (Jero Melati) and three indokrupuk Ozzie - Bali sons, Dewaz Peter, Philip and Putra. Today they are up from Melbourne to have their teeth filed, together with Dayu's'only daughter Desak Duwik and his cousin Dewa Ketut.

It's a teary occasion as we all gather with Ratu Aji Gede, the family patrirach (88); at these times we all remember ida bagus susila, dayu's'brother, who is no longer with us.