Thursday, 10 December 2015

HORNBILL FESTIVAL 2015, 1 - 10 December, Kohima

The annual Hornbill Festival in Nagaland is aptly named the festival of festivals. Over ten days 17 of the most exotically-costumed and cultured tribes — the crowning glory of this golden triangle of culture that takes in Yunnan, Bhutan and Manipur/Assam — perform and mingle in a fabulous multi-terraced culture park. Each tribe has its own MORUNG communal house within a bamboo fenced enclosure that includes outdoor seating, fire pits, souvenir shopes and mini cafes serving their local dishes. Events rage in the main arena nearby all day: mercifully, no performance is more than 15 minutes and politicians' speeches are limited to 5. Its part Nimbin festival (the first one), part Seville expo (the street performers), part woodstock (without the dope). At night, all the happy nagas stream into town where the main road is closed off at 1730 and a Carnival atmosphere night market rolls out. Nearby is a siZe-able MELA fun-fair where teens in punk- naga street fashions drag their girlfriends.
Its a ten day blissfest