Monday, 4 November 2013

NOT THE UBUD CREMATION : But a big Royal Cremation in Denpasar

The cremation of Ida Bagus Gede Kesuma of Geria Gede Tegal, Denpasar's grandest Brahman house (there were 20 odd pedanda at the cremation today; the deceased's mother , Ida Pedanda Istri Raga, a star of the Stranger in Paradise on many occasions in 1979-81, was much admired in the Brahman community) held a rip-soring sending-off for family elder 'Gus de' , the Beau Brummel of his generation. Along with the Pemecutan family heads, Gus De championed full classical majapahit-style dress on all occasions. I was chuffed today, arriving at the Brahman palace, to see that he had chosen a photo I had taken of him, in action at a cremation at Puri Kesiman some years ago, to adorn his BADE processional  bier.