Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WOTONAN Cokorda Pemecutan XI

Balinese Birthday of Cokorda Pemecutan XI

All the King's men gather to celebrate his OTON and 57th birthday including representatives from the moslem, paranormal and sub-normal communities. The cokorda was adamant that I did not photograph him sitting behind the high priest (pedanda intaran) on a lower bench — a classic bit of old world one-upmanship. After his blessing he gave a rousing speech to the gathered merry men and sang a sweet feudal Balinese 'pantun' about the role of the ksatrya in Balinese society. The birthday cake was rather small and no-one could remember the words to happy birthday so I was dragged on stage as token pale face and sang "God save the King". He beamed. In that moment Mosaic by the Sea was a universe away.