Friday, 18 November 2011

Bungklang Bungkling: Mudah (Cheap) by Wayan Juniarta

Taken from ‘Bungklang Bungkling’, ‘Mudah’, a column by I Wayan Juniartha, published in Bali Post, Sunday 6th November 2011. Translated by Putu Semiada.

Mudah (Cheap)

How much is a life of Balinese worth? How much money do you need to ‘kill’ a Balinese?” comes a question.

“It depends,” says I Made teluh Desti Terangjana (I Made The King of Black Magic).

I Made is a black magic broker. He has no black magic power but has lots of friends from black magic world. His friends range from the ‘beginner’ to ‘advanced’ ones.

“It depends on how you want one die, suddenly or slowly; or how strong one is; or what kind of ‘black magic’ one wants to use to hurt other people.

“A low quality ‘poison’ costs 5 million Rupiahs, while the good one even cost 50 million Rupiahs. With a good one, your victim will die like someone who has heart attack.

“It is expensive, but you can pay in installments. Many shamans receive payment by credit cards. They even give you one year guarantee. As long as you pay, they will give guarantee that the victim will die. If they don’t, the shamans will do themselves.

“Well, it is still expensive though, as it costs you millions of Rupiahs. If you want to kill a Balinese, you don’t need to pay that much or use your credit cards,” says I Ketut Tanpa Jaminan (I Ketut No Guarantee).

“What you need is 500 thousand Rupiahs. It’s quick; you don’t need to go to Prajapati Temple (The Temple of Death), nor offerings to Goddess Durga (The Goddess of Death).”

“You just need to go to a motor bike shop with your 500 thousand and pay it for deposit. Then you can go home with a brand new motor bike.”

“After that, you give the motor bike to the person you want to kill. It won’t take long.

“He might get killed because someone might hit his bike on the street or vice versa; or he might fall into a ditch and get killed.”

“Today everyone seems on the rush on the streets; motor bikes, cars, trucks, all of them are rushing.”

“Nobody seems to be tolerance to each other on the street. Each thinks that the other is enemy so that they don’t need to give a way to the other. Even when a ‘god’ crosses the street, they might just hit.

“More people get killed on the streets than due to black magic. All kinds of black magic are much less powerful in killing people compared to people who may get killed from driving their motorbikes crazily on the streets.”

“Look at the young people, how crazy they are on the streets. What they want to do is to ride as fast as they can. That’s why the chance they get killed is much higher.

Given above, how cheap a Balinese life is.