Friday, 30 September 2011

Bungklang Bungkling: Mabayuh (Blessing Ceremony) by Wayan Juniartha

Taken from ‘Bungklang Bungkling’, ‘Mabayuh’, a column by I Wayan Juniartha, published in Bali Post, Sunday 25th September 2011. Translated by Putu Semiada.

Mabayuh (Blessing Ceremony)

There are ceremonies everywhere in Bali at the moment: wedding (mesakapan), tooth-fling (metatah), cremation (ngaben), and purification (nyekah). That’s probably the palm toddy association members discuss about ceremonies.

In Bali one sometimes has to have a special of soul-blessing ceremonies conducted by a priest” (mebayuh). “One who isn’t born on a good day, needs to have a “mebayuh” says I Made Adat Istiadat (I Made Traditional Customs).

“Well, then all children born these days should have “mebayuh” as they are not born in the right day,” comments I Ketut Katulebo (I Ketut Spider).

“What do you mean?

These days everything is expensive: milk, rice, oil, education and health; rice fields are gone; rivers and lakes have no water left; our island is now ‘owned’ by investors; investors have better ‘status’ than brahmana and kstariya today.

These days are really bad “days” (duwasa). One born these days will not be happy in his life.

Most human, behave like demons these days: small problem become big problems; brothers fight against their own brothers; villages against villages, high ranking officials against high ranking officials.

Nobody feel guilty in this kind of situation: everybody feels that he is the right one or has the right to do anything. Everyone wants everything: money, land and even temples. What if the temples are confiscated by the court? Where would our deities go?

“One born these days will see more people fighting, and find the earth getting ‘hot’.”

“That’s why they need ‘mebayuh’.

“And the grown up and old need ‘mebayuh’ as well.”

“The high ranking official need it too, especially the corrupt ones; and even the traditional or religious leaders need it too.

Mebayuh can be done en masse like other ceremonies. The local government has funds for mass tooth-filing, so they must have for mass ‘mebayuh’ as well. And there must be funds for mass wedding, mass three-month baby, cleansing ceremonies, etc.”